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A-4776 Diersbach

E-Mail:  i n f o @ j u v e n i s . a t

Choir director: Lina vom Berg
E-Mail:  c h o r l e i t e r @ j u v e n i s . a t

Chairwoman: Christa Litzlbauer 
E-Mail:  o b m a n n @ j u v e n i s . a t

Webmaster: Christian Himsl
E-Mail:  w e b m a s t e r @ j u v e n i s . a t

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Juvenis Choir
A-4776 Diersbach

Content is intended to provide information about the activities of the Juvenis Choir and of its main goals: to support the choir members in their work and to increase awareness of choir music of all kinds and all styles.


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