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Support Juvenis Choir and become a donor! The advantages: - Discounted concert tickets - VIP information about upcoming concerts - Regular updates about Juvenis Choirs activities

Friends of Juvenis have decided to support an ambitious and aspiring cultural project in Innviertel. We think that's a great idea - our choir members invest a great deal of time, idealism, enthusiasm, and not least money, in making sure that Juvenis remains one of the leading choirs in Upper Austria.


Who are Friends of Juvenis?

Friends of Juvenis are enthusiastic members of the public who have a firm belief in the quality of Juvenis Choir and want to help. Friends of Juvenis know that a choir needs moral and financial support. Friends of Juvenis are donors who want to preserve the cultural continuity of Upper Austria for everyone.

If you would like to make a contribution to Juvenis Choir, send us your contact deatils. We will get in touch with you a soon as possible. E-mail: j u v e n i s f r e u n d e @ j u v e n i s . a t