Juvenis Choir

Juvenis Choir was established in 1993 by Markus Obereder, who directed the choir until 2009.
The repertoire of the choir includes the major Masses and Oratorios as well as a wide range of contemporary and standard a capella music. They have been invited to perform at various regional and international music festivals such as the Europäische Wochen Passau, Bad Schallerbacher Musiksommer, Music Exhibition Ried and the Salzburger Jazz Festival. They have also worked with guest conductors such as Martin Sieghart, Basil Coleman, Jean Pierre Faber, and enjoyed working with orchestras such as the Bruckner Orchester, Euregio Orchester, Niederbayrische Philharmonie, Barrucco and the Ensemble Sonare.

Juvenis has participated in several national and international choir competitions, winning first place in 'Oberösterreich Singt' in 2002, second place in Ried/Innkreis in 2010 and third place in Spittal/Drau in 2002. They were moreover chosen to represent Austria in the Let The Peoples Sing competition in 2004. And in 2013 they were voted one of the Top 10 choirs in their home region, Upper Austria. In 2014 Juvenis received 2 Golden Diplomas at the International Choir Competition in Calella-Barcelona in Spain.

Juvenis knows no boundaries - while sticking to their roots with traditional folk music projects and recordings they continue to explore new fields, combining a capella music with modern dance and jazz-folkmusic-crossover.
Since 2009 the choir has been directed by Erasmus Baumgartner (2009-2011), and Lina vom Berg, the current conductor.

Lina vom Berg

Lina vom Berg graduated from the Hochschule für Musik in Dresden in 2006 where she studied Choir Conducting under Prof. Hans-Christoph Rademann. She has since become a fixture in the southern German and Austrian choir scene, taking over the position of artistic director of the Europäische Woche Festival in Passau. She is the director of the Chamber Choir during the Mannhein Youth Singwoche, and assistent director of Martin Steidler's Heinrich Schutz Ensemble Vornbach. She is also a high school music teacher and freelance lecturer at local universities.